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Urban Island Studies (ISSN 2445-6004) is a peer-reviewed open access journal published by Island Dynamics. Situated at the intersection of island studies and urban studies, Urban Island Studies develops knowledge across disciplines, offering an urban perspective within island research and an island perspective within urban research. The journal is published on a rolling basis and builds on the work undertaken within Island Dynamics’ Island Cities and Urban Archipelagos research network. Urban Island Studies is indexed in DOAJ, the Directory of Open Access Journals.

Forthcoming Articles

Encountering Urbanization on Jersey: Development, Sustainability, and Spatiality in a Small Island Setting [PDF]

Henry Johnson

Urban Island Studies, 2, forthcoming

Informal Settlements in Jamaica’s Tourism Space: Urban Spatial Development in a Small Island Developing State [PDF]

Sheere Brooks

Urban Island Studies, 2, forthcoming

Latest issue: Urban Island Studies, Volume 1 (2015)

Cover, colofon, table of contents [PDF]

DOI: 10.20958/uis.2015

Scholarly articles (pp. 1-179)

Returning from the Horizon: Introducing Urban Island Studies [PDF]

Adam Grydehøj, Xavier Barceló Pinya, Gordon Cooke, Naciye Doratlı, Ahmed Elewa, Ilan Kelman, Jonathan Pugh, Lea Schick, & R. Swaminathan

Urban Island Studies, 1, 1-19, DOI: 10.20958/uis.2015.1

Translation: [العودة من الافق: تقديم دراسات الجزر والحضر (PDF)]

The Promise and Perils of the Island City of George Town (Penang) as a Creative City [PDF]

Suet Leng Khoo, Narimah Samat, Nurwati Badarulzaman, & Sharifah Rohayah Sheikh Dawood

Urban Island Studies, 1, 20-34, DOI: 10.20958/uis.2015.2

Ports and Digital Ports: The Narrative Construction and Social Imaginaries of the Island City of Mumbai [PDF]

R. Swaminathan

Urban Island Studies, 1, 35-54, DOI: 10.20958/uis.2015.3

The Impacts of Islandness on the Urbanism and Architecture of Mombasa [PDF]

Gerald Steyn

Urban Island Studies, 1, 55-80, DOI: 10.20958/uis.2015.4

The Aquapelago and the Estuarine City: Reflections on Manhattan [PDF]

Philip Hayward

Urban Island Studies, 1, 81-95, DOI: 10.20958/uis.2015.5

Making Ground, Losing Space: Land Reclamation and Urban Public Space in Island Cities [PDF]

Adam Grydehøj

Urban Island Studies, 1, 96-117, DOI: 10.20958/uis.2015.6

Suburban Processes of Islandisation in Austria: The Cases of Vienna and Tyrol [PDF]

Wolfgang Andexlinger

Urban Island Studies, 1, 118-133, DOI: 10.20958/uis.2015.7

Political Ecology Approach to Island Tourism Planning and Climate Change Adaptation: A Methodological Exploration [PDF]

Virgilio Maguigad, David King, & Alison Cottrell

Urban Island Studies, 1, 134-151, DOI: 10.20958/uis.2015.8

Political Ecology, Island Tourism Planning, and Climate Change Adaptation on Boracay, Philippines [PDF]

Virgilio Maguigad, David King, & Alison Cottrell

Urban Island Studies, 1, 152-179, DOI: 10.20958/uis.2015.9

Reviews (pp. 180-192)

Offshoring by John Urry (Reviewer: Gray Kochhar-Lindgren, pp. 180-182) [PDF]

The Politics of Urban Water: Changing Waterscapes in Amsterdam by Kimberly Kinder (Reviewer: Elizabeth Pigou-Dennis, pp. 183-186) [PDF]

The Political Economy of Divided Islands: Unified Geographies, Multiple Polities by Godfrey Baldacchino (ed.) (Reviewer: Giulia Carabelli, pp. 187-189) [PDF]

The Petropolis of Tomorrow by Neeraj Bhatia & Mary Cooper (eds) & The Design of Frontier Spaces: Control and Ambiguity by Carolyn Loeb & Andreas Luescher (eds) (Reviewer: Martin J. Murray, pp. 190-192) [PDF]