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About Urban Island Studies

Urban Island Studies (ISSN 2445-6004) is published in Denmark by Island Dynamics, building on the work of the Island Cities and Urban Archipelagos research network. Contact by e-mail: R. Swaminathan (swaminathan.ramanathan@etnologi.uu.se) and Zrinka Ana-Mendas (zmendas@islanddynamics.org)


Urban Island Studies publishes research papers exploring:

• Densely urbanised small islands (Guangzhou, Mumbai, New York, Venice, etc.)

Urban centres of larger islands or archipelagos (Honolulu, Malé, Manila, Nuuk, etc.)

• Islands within mainland cities (Copenhagen, Miami, Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo, etc.)

Urbanisation and urban processes in island communities

• Relationships between urban centres and peripheral islands

• Maritime activities and interrelationships between the sea, ports, and cities

• Metaphorical uses of ‘islands’/‘archipelagos’ in urban studies

• Papers contributing to urban island studies’ theoretical foundations.

Urban Island Studies is an interdisciplinary journal, and articles can be written from any disciplinary perspective (including geography, architecture, political science, business studies, history, anthropology, urban planning and design, sociology, economics, media and communication, and tourism studies. Papers are published on a rolling basis and assembled into annual volumes.

Urban Island Studies publishes general scholarly papers and special thematic sections. From 2016, the journal will also publish a recurring ‘Sea, Port, City’ thematic section concerning maritime activities and interrelationships between the sea, ports, and cities.

Editorial board.

Lead Editors:

R. Swaminathan (Uppsala University - Campus Gotland, Sweden) (swaminathan.ramanathan@etnologi.uu.se)

Zrinka Ana-Mendas (zmendas@islanddynamics.org)

Associate Editors:

Neeraj Bhatia (California College of the Arts / The Urban Works Agency, San Francisco) - Infrastructure & Urbanism

Xavier Barceló Pinya (University of the Balearic Islands, Spain) - Language & Literature

Gordon Cooke (Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada) - Business & Employment

Naciye Doratlı (Eastern Mediterranean University, North Cyprus) - Architecture

Ahmed Elewa (Helwan University, Egypt) - Urban Design

Philip Hayward (University of Technology, Sydney & Southern Cross University, Lismore, Australia) - Island Cultures

Otto Heim (University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong) - Literary & Cultural Studies

May Joseph (Harmattan Theatre & Pratt Institute, USA) - Environmental Design

Ilan Kelman (University College London, UK) - Disaster, Resilience, & Sustainability

Jonathan Pugh (Newcastle University, UK) - Participatory Planning & Development

Owe Ronström (Uppsala University, Gotland Campus, Sweden) - Ethnology

Huei-Min Tsai (National Taiwan Normal University) - Political Ecology & Environment

Scholarly papers in Urban Island Studies.

Urban Island Studies publishes in-depth case studies and internationally comparative papers that can contribute to the empirical basis of the field as well as theoretical contributions. Papers aimed at the ‘General scholarly articles’ section may consider historical or present-day cases and may consider islands that are now part of the mainland. It is important that papers do not simply discuss a city on an island but that they somehow engage with the influence of urban and island factors. It is also expected that papers engage with the existing island and urban literature. (For a selection of existing literature, see the ‘Bibliography of Urban Island Studies’.) Papers aimed at the ‘Sea, Port, City’ section may concern any aspect of maritime research, though we especially encourage papers that focus on interrelationships between the sea, ports, and cities. All papers are subject to peer review.

Reviews section of Urban Island Studies.

The 'Reviews' section of Urban Island Studies accepts a wide variety of reviews, from traditional to creative, between 800 and 1500 words in length. Traditional forms focus on standard book reviews, including not only a summary of the book's content but also a critical analysis and evaluation of this content in light of its potential value to the field of urban island studies. Book reviews may cover recently published volumes, urban or island research classics, or little-known books from across previous centuries, particularly non-English material. In addition to scholarly works, works of popular science and fiction may be covered.

Creative review forms involve reviewing media other than books. Examples are videos, websites, sculptures, games, music and theatre, art and photography shows, and conferences. In keeping with the overall ethos of Urban Island Studies and the advantages offered by an online journal, reviews other than prose could be considered. Examples are a video monologue, a video interpretation, a visual or mind-map layout of the review, or poetry.

To propose a review, please contact Non-Fiction Book Reviews Editor Zrinka-Ana Mendas (z.mendas@gmail.com) or Literature, Film, & Multimedia Reviews Editor Ian Ho-yin Fong (fonghoyinian@gmail.com).

Peer review.

Scholarly papers published in Urban Island Studies are subject to both editorial review and double-blind peer review by at least two reviewers. The only exceptions to this review process are editorial introduction papers or explicitly labelled adapted transcripts of conference speeches, which are subject to editorial review.

Open access statement and copyright policy.

Urban Island Studies is an online, open access journal, and its contents are published in accordance with the CC BY license. All content within the journal is freely available without charge to the user or his/her institution. Users may read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of the journal’s contents without seeking prior permission from the author or publisher. Authors are not charged submission fees or publication fees.

Authors retain copyright over their work while granting Urban Island Studies the right of first publication and non-exclusive rights to further publication, with this publication occurring in accordance with the terms of the CC BY license. Authors are encouraged and freely permitted to share (post, deposit, print and distribute, etc.) the version of their work published in Urban Island Studies as well as to reuse elements of their work as long as such sharing and reuse abides by the terms of the CC BY license.

Multilingual publication.

In order to widen access to research, the journal will publish versions of accepted papers in the authors’ non-English native language(s) where requested and provided by authors. These non-English versions of the papers will not be subject to peer review, and the English-language version will be the version of record.

Archiving policy.

In accordance with Danish law (Lov om pligtaflevering af offentliggjort materiale (Law no. 1439 of 22 December 2004)), all issues of the journal are archived in Det Kongelige Bibliotek (the Danish Royal Library).

Publication ethics and malpractice statement.

Urban Island Studies is committed to publishing high-quality, responsible research papers. The journal editors work to prevent all forms of malpractice and misconduct. Through a thorough double-blind peer review process supplemented by editorial review, we will seek to identify and cope with issues of plagiarism, harming of research subjects, conflicts of interest, and other challenges. Plagiarism in particular will be actively checked for via internet searches for key phrases and. The journal editors will seek to ensure transparency in all decision-making processes. If any cases of misconduct by authors, editors, or reviewers are identified, these will be pursued.

Urban Island Studies seeks to comply with the editor* and author** position statements on responsible research publication developed at the 2nd World Conference on Research Integrity, Singapore, 22-24 July 2010.

* Kleinert S & Wager E (2011) Responsible research publication: international standards for editors. A position statement developed at the 2nd World Conference on Research Integrity, Singapore, July 22-24, 2010. Chapter 51 in: Mayer T & Steneck N (eds) Promoting Research Integrity in a Global Environment. Imperial College Press / World Scientific Publishing, Singapore (pp 317-28). (ISBN 978-981-4340-97-7)

** Wager E & Kleinert S (2011) Responsible research publication: international standards for authors. A position statement developed at the 2nd World Conference on Research Integrity, Singapore, July 22-24, 2010. Chapter 50 in: Mayer T & Steneck N (eds) Promoting Research Integrity in a Global Environment. Imperial College Press / World Scientific Publishing, Singapore (pp 309-16). (ISBN 978-981-4340-97-7)