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Urban Island Studies (ISSN 2445-6004) is a peer-reviewed open access journal published by Island Dynamics. Situated at the intersection of island studies and urban studies, Urban Island Studies develops knowledge across disciplines, offering an urban perspective within island research and an island perspective within urban research. The journal is published on a rolling basis and builds on the work undertaken within Island Dynamics’ Island Cities and Urban Archipelagos research network. Urban Island Studies is indexed in DOAJ, the Directory of Open Access Journals.

Latest issue: Urban Island Studies, Volume 2 (2016)

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Scholarly articles (pp. 1-141)

Island Smart Eco-Cities: Innovation, Secessionary Enclaves, and the Selling of Sustainability

Adam Grydehøj & Ilan Kelman

Urban Island Studies, 2, 1-24,

Absolute Waterfrontage: Road Networked Artificial Islands and Finger Island Canal Estates on Australia’s Gold Coast

Philip Hayward & Christian Fleury

Urban Island Studies, 2, 25-49,

Encountering Urbanization on Jersey: Development, Sustainability, and Spatiality in a Small Island Setting

Henry Johnson

Urban Island Studies, 2, 50-71,

Informal Settlements in Jamaica’s Tourism Space: Urban Spatial Development in a Small Island Developing State

Sheere Brooks

Urban Island Studies, 2, 72-94,

Achieving Urban Sustainability in Bahrain: University Education, Skilled Labor, and Dependence on Expatriates

Fay Al Khalifa

Urban Island Studies, 2, 95-120,

Heritage, Tourism, and Demography in the Island City of Venice: The

Depopulation and Heritagisation

Marco Casagrande

Urban Island Studies, 2, 121-141,

Reviews (pp. 142-160)

Tokyo Void by Marieluise Jonas & Heike Rahmann (Reviewer: Miguel Torres, pp. 142-144)

Islands at Risk by John Connell (Reviewer: Kaya Hamer-Small, pp. 145-146)

The Making of Hong Kong: From Vertical to Volumetric by Barrie Shelton, Justyna Karakiewicz, & Thomas Kvan (Reviewer: Sonia Lam-Knott, pp. 147-149)

The Death of Aztec Tenochtitlan, the Life of Mexico City by Barbara E. Mundy (Reviewer: Ian Peter Grohse, pp. 150-152)

Elements of Venice by Giulia Foscari (Reviewer: Zrinka Mendas, pp. 153-155)

Hong Kong Land for Hong Kong People: Fixing the Failures of Our Housing Policy by Yue Chim Richard Wong (Review by Yunpeng Zhang, pp. 156-158)

Megacities and the Coast: Risk, Resilience and Transformation by Mark Pelling & Sophie Blackburn (eds) (Review by Filipa Fernandes, pp. 159-160)