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Urban Island Studies, Volume 1 (2015)

Cover, colofon, table of contents

DOI: 10.20958/uis.2015

Scholarly articles (pp. 1-179)

Returning from the Horizon: Introducing Urban Island Studies

Adam Grydehøj, Xavier Barceló Pinya, Gordon Cooke, Naciye Doratlı, Ahmed Elewa, Ilan Kelman, Jonathan Pugh, Lea Schick, & R. Swaminathan

Urban Island Studies, 1, 1-19, DOI: 10.20958/uis.2015.1

Translation: [العودة من الافق: تقديم دراسات الجزر والحضر (PDF)]

The Promise and Perils of the Island City of George Town (Penang) as a Creative City

Suet Leng Khoo, Narimah Samat, Nurwati Badarulzaman, & Sharifah Rohayah Sheikh Dawood

Urban Island Studies, 1, 20-34, DOI: 10.20958/uis.2015.2

Ports and Digital Ports: The Narrative Construction and Social Imaginaries of the Island City of Mumbai

R. Swaminathan

Urban Island Studies, 1, 35-54, DOI: 10.20958/uis.2015.3

The Impacts of Islandness on the Urbanism and Architecture of Mombasa

Gerald Steyn

Urban Island Studies, 1, 55-80, DOI: 10.20958/uis.2015.4

The Aquapelago and the Estuarine City: Reflections on Manhattan

Philip Hayward

Urban Island Studies, 1, 81-95, DOI: 10.20958/uis.2015.5

Making Ground, Losing Space: Land Reclamation and Urban Public Space in Island Cities

Adam Grydehøj

Urban Island Studies, 1, 96-117, DOI: 10.20958/uis.2015.6

Suburban Processes of Islandisation in Austria: The Cases of Vienna and Tyrol

Wolfgang Andexlinger

Urban Island Studies, 1, 118-133, DOI: 10.20958/uis.2015.7

Political Ecology Approach to Island Tourism Planning and Climate Change Adaptation: A Methodological Exploration

Virgilio Maguigad, David King, & Alison Cottrell

Urban Island Studies, 1, 134-151, DOI: 10.20958/uis.2015.8

Political Ecology, Island Tourism Planning, and Climate Change Adaptation on Boracay, Philippines

Virgilio Maguigad, David King, & Alison Cottrell

Urban Island Studies, 1, 152-179, DOI: 10.20958/uis.2015.9

Reviews (pp. 180-192)

Offshoring by John Urry (Reviewer: Gray Kochhar-Lindgren, pp. 180-182)

The Politics of Urban Water: Changing Waterscapes in Amsterdam by Kimberly Kinder (Reviewer: Elizabeth Pigou-Dennis, pp. 183-186)

The Political Economy of Divided Islands: Unified Geographies, Multiple Polities by Godfrey Baldacchino (ed.) (Reviewer: Giulia Carabelli, pp. 187-189)

The Petropolis of Tomorrow by Neeraj Bhatia & Mary Cooper (eds) & The Design of Frontier Spaces: Control and Ambiguity by Carolyn Loeb & Andreas Luescher (eds) (Reviewer: Martin J. Murray, pp. 190-192)